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“72nd story”

First published: Jan.03.2019

Omar Khayyam never got married and didn’t have any children. He was a tall man with a big head, quiet and recluse.

A genius who was able to read a full book and memorize it right away.


Omar was a fan of Avicenna, the Persian Polymath, and in his notes named him as his teacher and mentor. Khayyam translated one of Avicenna’s Arabic treatise about Monotheism to Farsi. In the end, Khayyam left 13 treatises.


In one of his treatises, he has a geometric solution for a cubic equation that Will Durant names a masterpiece of mathematics in the Middle Ages. One of Khayyam’s students, Hamedani, became a great poet, judge, and Gnostic who was killed because of his beliefs in philosophy.



All of Hamedani’s theories have been proven thus far. The death of Hamedani was a trigger for Khayyam to start writing…

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Author: farounfirewater

Ich bin der Falke im Sturm der den König sucht. "Ich lebe mein Leben in sich weitenden Ringen, die sich über die Dinge ziehn, Den letzten, ich weiß nicht ob ich ihn Vollbringe, aber versuchen will ich ihn Ich kreise um Gott um den uralten Turm und ich kreise Jahrtausende lang und ich weiß nicht, bin ich eine Falke, ein Sturm oder ein großer Gesang" (Rilke)

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